Dezember 31, 2013

Language is a Haunted Home

Communicative means are means of creation. We shape the worlds we exist in – we make ourselves at home in them – and at the same time are shaped by them. These processes do and at the same time do not take place in a technical sense. Signs are enacted and decoded, and these signs can be recognized, described and analyzed. Yet, communication is always at least a two-way street. We cannot communicate on our own. The dynamics of making meaning are situated forever in between; they rest temporary. Meaning is caused in between people: in between an audience and a work of art, in between a word, the way it is used and the way it is understood.

As we pour ourselves into the space we live in and are sucked into it by those who inhabit it too, all those innumerable others who have taught us to communicate and who have used and thereby shaped the communicative means available to us before we even existed haunt our worlds as well. We make ourselves at home; but it is always a place that we share with those we love, those we meet and all those ghosts of the past. A past we cannot even remember, a past we nevertheless keep alive by our very being here. We thus exist in a temporary eternity.

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