April 03, 2010

Feline Meditation

Looking at these cats on the threshold of a temple I suddenly realized that religion can be integrated into everyday life without causing conflicts and disputes or even the slightest oppression. It is only a question of how serious one takes these issues. I guess that in addition to this, a religion that offers advice in a more general way - for example on the topic of how one can gather knowledge through meditation - without really organizing the answers in specific ways is easy to integrate into one's personal way of living. If religion is available at home and at every street corner and everybody is somehow involved, then a dogma is difficult to uphold.

Maybe it would be better - since religion is not in the process of vanishing from the postmodern world, but on the contrary thriving anew - for everybody to get religiously involved simply to introduce more democracy into religious practices. Religious contemplation or meditation would certainly become the object of public discussion and public interpretation if everybody actively participated. And if the Lord's houses were simply part of town - where cats could dose off in the sun - they would certainly be more accessible in every way. It would be easier to want to contemplate the questions of how to live one's life if this could be done in an everyday and not a sacred atmosphere, wouldn't it? Seeing cats meditate can take the pressure and seriousness out of such issues.